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Francesco Mattuzzi

6'14'' 2009

3'24'' 2006

Varese, 1979
My research moves from the interest for interaction environments in contemporary society, characterized by an high concentration of human artefacts. The big potential of such environments lies in the fact that they narrate life experiences, personalities and cultural contaminations: all aspects that could not be caught only through an interview, but that are embedded in its only apparently accidental setting. More in particular, my artistic research develops along two main directions. On one side I want to represent unknown aspects of phenomenon with remarkable interest from the global media system. On the other side I want to know and let people know contemporary situations with no media interest at all. In both cases, my attention is caught by the artificial products, artefacts, human action on the environments of social interaction. In order to realize my works, I put myself into a dialogical/interactive mode with the actors, using the ethnographic “participant observation” technique. I try to get into the situations asking questions, trying to catch feelings and experiences of people living in a specific context. I love to be part of the environments I study and somehow to share part of the living experiences with the “artefact makers” people. By using a dialogical mode, my research becomes a life style, an obsession that really affects my way of living. More than one time I found myself travelling, eating, joking spending the whole day in a cockpit with a truck driver, or asking to enter a gate community in Israel to have more insight of the phenomenon. Even often I question myself whether I should go to truckers parties or spiritual gathering in Međugorje only to have the chance to see and represent all the artefacts and the huge amount of interaction produced by the people.

Formazione 2007: Diploma di laurea in Arte e Design, Università di Bozen/Bolzano, Italia. 1999: Diploma in grafica pubblicitaria, cinetica e fotografia. Scuola d’ arte F. Depero, Rovereto, Italia.

2010: Future Archaeology, 67a Biennale del Cinema di Venezia, film selezionato per la sezione Orizzonti, Venezia, Italia E-Roads, Viaggi in Immagini, Rassegna video dagli archivi Art Hub. Nell'ambito di Aperto alle Murate, Complesso delle ex Murate, Firenze, Italia E-Roads per L’Officina dei Sensi – Villa Ciani Bassetti, Lasino, Trento, Italia Decolonizing Architecture - Ashkal Alwan, Home Works V, Beirut, Libano 2009: Decolonizing Architecture: Barcellona COAC, Barcellona, Spagna The Israeli for digital Art, Holon, Israele NGBK - Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlino, Germania Gemak, Den Haag, Paesi Bassi Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles, Belgio Biennale Architettura  11. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura, Venezia, Italia 2008: La scelta della fotografia - Forma, Milano, Italia Interno Italiano - Galassia Reti, Milano, Italia Radar – Indagine biennale sulla giovane arte in Trentino Museo Civico di Riva del Garda, Trento, Italia Galleria Civica di Trento, Trento, Italia Decolonizing Architecture - Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germania Mostre personali 2009: Startrucks - Polifemo - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano, Italia

2010: Il film Future Archaeology è stato selezionato per la sezione Orizzonti della 67a edizione della Biennale del Cinema di Venezia 2010. 2009: Vincitore del DE.MO Movin’up programma di residenze, presso il Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center (irp), Istanbul, Turchia. Artista selezionato per il progetto “Un ponte sul Mediterraneo”. Arte Giovane,, Startrucks, Torino, Italia. Finalista al premio fotografico Riccardo Pezza, Museo per la fotografia contemporanea di Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italia. 2008: Menzione speciale per il premio internazionale di fotografia cassa Lombarda, edito da Contrasto, Milano, Italia. Artista selezionato per il progetto “Radar”, Galleria civica di Trento, Italia.

DE.MO Movin’up, programma di residenze, presso il Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center (irp), Istanbul, Turchia.

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