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Sonata d'organi - 2009 
Andreco Andreco

Info su Andreco Andreco

Andreco è originario di Roma, dal 2002 vive in altre città italiane ed europee. Da febbraio 2011 vive a New York. Dal 2000 porta avanti una ricerca incentrata sulla simbologia e la suggestione nell’arte tentando di svelare quello che l'occhio umano non vede. Utilizza varie tecniche artistiche, dal disegno alla ...

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Sonata d'organi - 2009 
Andreco Andreco

Sonata d'organi - 2009
2'8'' DVD, avi, mov Courtesy dell'artista

a) Title English: 'Organs Plays'
b) Year of production: 2009
c) Duration (not more than 10 min.): 2' 08''
d) Work synopsis:
[...] To draw person and animal figure with their internal organs, at the beginning was a sort of provocation against the traditional and superficial sense of beauty. It's a way to underline the existence of a living organism, the complexity and the fragility of a body, that is something different from just a beautiful object. This video sign a evolution in my work, in this video the organs escape from the body and start to play music. The second part of the video in fact is a report of a installation that I made in collaboration with 7 musicians, the "Neil on impression", for a exhibition in Bologna 'Organ Plays'. The musicians were playing in a big black cube made in wood and cotton and the people were all around the cube looking the musicians playing through the black cotton wall, the sensation was as observing the organs in functions under the skin [...].
(From an Andreco interview for the Short+Kort Exhibition publication in Copenhagen.)

About 'Organs Play':
Andreco: I'd give you every organ of my body, I'm a magician with a special skill, which is much more than cutting women in two parts. Each one of my organs has a life of his own, because I've got the alchemical formula with which I really own my body, and I'm getting concentrated on yours now. Music!
(Text by Emanuela De Notariis for the Art Shake Festival, video screening in Berlin)

VIDEO: Andreco
Music: Neil on impression