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Wysiwig - 2010 
Dario Lazzaretto

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My artworks are mainly of two types: multimedia (video and soundart) and illustration (ink and acrylic on paper and computer graphics). The technics that I use in my installation are always available to everyone and I never use any technological sophistication, because I believe that artistic research isn't related just ...

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Wysiwig - 2010 
Dario Lazzaretto

Wysiwig - 2010
1'34'' dvd Courtesy dell'artista

What is the boundary between truth and triviality? And between entarteinment, art, and mass hypnosis? What is the minimum amount of stimulation needed for a cultural self-conscious society? In the information sistem as in language of advertising, in all mass media as into everyday life, "what you see is what you get" remains an unfulfilled promise. Even in this video. This audio work is sustained by a "video-track" used as a decoy to force spectator to listen the sound. My research through sound and video perception is about society, mass-media, politics, religion. Factors I see around and affecting my life.