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Franz interpreted by Alessio - 2008 
Sabina Grasso

Info su Sabina Grasso

My work is principally concerned with the representation of people and of the places in which they dwell. I am interested in the city as a kind of dramatic stage where emotions are played out: I either compose abstract and reinvented images within which people engage with the lives they ...

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Franz interpreted by Alessio - 2008 
Sabina Grasso

Franz interpreted by Alessio - 2008
3'25'' DVD Courtesy dell'artista

"Franz interpreted by Alessio", Consists of an extrapolation of a character from a Godard's Bande a part film (1964), the caracter is reinterpreted by Alessio as though performing for a one famous minute silence of Godard's film.

Performer Alessio Calciolari