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Alessandro Ambrosini

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2'41'' 2006

7'18'' 2006

Vicenza, 1981
Alessandro Ambrosini has developed, with his artistic production, an autonomous exploration that fits squarely within the context of international contemporary art currents. His work revolves around the elaboration of themes related to illness, impossibility, the problems, to try now the possibility, the hopes, the utopias of individuals, both seen in a wider social and individual context and related to economic, social, political, historical, philosophical and relational issues. Over the course of a truly variegated artistic career, Ambrosini has alternated between the literal and the metaphorical dimension, with synthetic, independent work interspersed by large-scale projects exploring spatial relations.

Alessandro ambrosini studied in accademy of art in venice and in Milan Anno 2007 Workshop with Maria Papadimitriou Anno 2007 Workshop Real Presence- Floating Sites , Istambul. Anno 2006 Workshop with Adrian Paci in ViaFarini, Milano. Anno 2006 Workshop with Antoni Muntadas in ViaFarini, Milano. Anno 2005 Workshop with Claudio Parmiggiani in Academic of Art in Milano Anno 2004 Workshop in IUAV, Venezia, with Antoni Muntadas. Anno 2003 Continuative project with Cesare Pietroiusti for Riserva Artificiale.

2009 “Biennale del Mediterraneo” Skopje 2009 “Refresh”, Civic Gallery of Monfalcone 2008 City One Minutes
Making video Portraits of the city of Las Vegas 2008 “190 artist for Care Of”, Care Of, Milan 2008 “The word is yours”, Milan 2008 “Archipelag08” Nova Goritza 2007”Abbiamo fatto bene ad uscire” with Paolo Toffoluti in Villa Butrio, Udine 2007 MKM, magacin u Kraljevica Marka, “Real Presence 07”, Belgrade 2007 Videoart-Yearbook 2007, Bologna by Renato Barilli, Bologna 2007 2VIDEO, network 2007 Gemine Muse 07 in Biella 2007 “Austerlitz”Ciocca Arte contemporanea gallery, Milano 2006-07 “Talk to the City 06” Careof- Fabbrica del vapore, Milan 2006 “40x40 Circa”Pad, in Veron. 2006 "Real Presence 06", Belgrade by Biljana Tomic and Dobrila Denegri 2006 “Tende a Infinito”Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venezia 2005 “Honey –Money”,Assab- One, Milano, by Roberto Pinto and Gabi Scardi. 2003 50°VENICE BIENNNAL. Special project“RISERVA ARTIFICIALE”, with Cesare Pietroiusti

2006 Real presence, Belgrade 2007 Real presence "floating sites, Istambul

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