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Sabina Grasso

Nana interpreted by Silvia
2'50'' 2008

8'31'' 2008

Franz interpreted by Alessio
3'25'' 2008

4'3'' 2007

Mo Wan interpreted by Xin
1'29'' 2010

Genova, 1975
My work is principally concerned with the representation of people and of the places in which they dwell. I am interested in the city as a kind of dramatic stage where emotions are played out: I either compose abstract and reinvented images within which people engage with the lives they live or I draw directly from reality, transforming it into a television or photography set. The city is that site of inside-outside movement which tends to express itself most evidently in a tension from the micro to the immense. I would like to persist in my attention to people and their lives because of my intense fascination with the stories people have to tell, with the way they share their lived experience and with the manner in which they attempt to understand what their lives mean. Actors, performers and dancers move in spaces reinterpreting characters in a film or in a book, in my most recent attempts to achieve a more accurate representation of these individuals: in this way, cities are transformed into vast theatres in whose nooks and niches are wedged microstories, actions and relations. I am always looking for new more abstract ways to represent the notion of intimacy. I create places and precise times where the continuous and insistent stare alternates with reality, fiction and everyday life.

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