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Andrea Pregl

Sharpening the edges
9'33'' 2011

I am the canopener
4'30'' 2010

I am the applepeeler
4'17'' 2010

Rovereto, 1975
I studied at the Accademy of Fine Art of Bologna (Italy), however i leave it few years later without finishing it for several reasons. I followed a personal artistic path that lead me through South East Asia and India for long time. This trips had deeply influenced my artistic language and the main themes that i usually deal, not in the sense that i start using artistic tecniques of the countries i pass throught, but because staing away from the society where you came from for a long period, and deeply living in a society that's completelly different from your own, give you the possibility to clean your eyes from visual vices that you don't know to have and that are inculcated in you growing in a particular cultural fabric. Every society has his own tabù and his own way to see the world around. If an Aboriginal and an Italian are watching the same landscape, they will see to things completelly different. But if you live long enough in a cultural context completelly different from your original one, all this tabù and visual vices, day after day, disappear from your eyes, this give you the possibility to see things that before you you never noticed. Is in this way that when i came back home after my Asian Trips, i started to noticed all the strages taint, fears and paranoias of our society, that strange uneasiness that winds on the back of our lives, that frantic research of a kind of truth. But all this don't become, as happens in that society that with arrogance we define primitives, an inner research of balance, an armonich way to live on this world, in our society all this flow into absurds consumer logics. Our society look for answer in the last model of mobile pohone, in the most fashionable pair of shoes because this is wath said to us our western Guru, our mistic holy man, the Television. Is from television that cames our answer and from there that we move our action. The big shopping malls are the new temples, of our society, place of worship n wich to bringh all family in strange pilgrimage, no more place in which to buy necessaries, but holders of patinated dreams, packed happiness, answer in cans. Is following this thoughts that my works born, as a kind of answer for a society in total caos, but aren't good answers, often are absurd, breezy, sometimes cruel, with instructions that explain you why and how to do all things that every day we do, as for example how to climb stairs, how to check the oil, how to eat grapes, how to commit suicide, a kind of Guru in a box, but a bad one. Really important and deeply connected to the work is the text that is on the bottom, this are the real instructions, that teach step by step how to successfully finish the task. Video and photographies follow the same philosophy, analyzing the real emotion of the human beings forced to live in a society that is not more made for humans.

Degree in Graphic Design. Two years in Accademy of Fine Art of Bologna, leave it few years later for different reason without finishing it.

COLLECTIVE SHOW 2010. Figure Ipotetiche. Gemine Muse - Trento, Upload Art Project Gallery - 2 / 29 june. Curated by: Federico Mazzonelli 2010. "GBGA project" - Carpi, Sala ex Poste - 10 / 20 april. Curated by: Carla Braghini 2010. Magmart, International Videoart Festival - Napoli, Palazzo delle Arti. Curated by: Enrico Tomaselli 2009. Winner of “Pagine Bianche d’Autore” for the region Trentino Alto Adige with the photo “Sometimes” 2008. “Radar .01 biennial survey on the young art of Trentino” pre event for Manifesta 7 – Rovereto – 05 june – 29 june. Curated by: Marco Tomasini, Francesca Pedroni 2008. “75 fratto 3” numerouno contemporary art – Trento – 22 genuary – 28 february Curated by Gianfranco Cappelletti 2007. “Third Life – from the virtual of Second Life to the reality of Third Life” Palazzo Martini, Riva del Garda, 22 september – 9 december. Curated by: Katjuscia Tevini, Karin Cavalieri. 2007. “Unlocked” the firt art show in Second life, Shift Gallery - 10 may – ∞. Curated by: Karin Cavalieri, Micaela Ricciuti 2006. “Venezia nel cuore” Centro Arte Contemporanea Cavalese, 22 july – 10 september. Curated by Orietta Berlanda 2005. “Traffic Zone a Venezia” Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa di Venezia, organized by Galleria Civica di Trento, 15 – 31 october. Curated by: Marco Tomasini, Cristina Natalicchio 2005. Collective show, Sala Espositiva di Dro, 18 march – 3 april. (No titole, no curator) 2005. Collective show, Sala Espositiva di Dro, 16 september – 2 october. (No title, no curator) SOLO SHOW: 2004. Spazio l’Armadillo a Bezzecca (TN) Italia, april e may. (No titolo, no curator) 2000. Pub-galleria “Il Posto” - Verona Italia, november e dicember. (No titol) Curated by: Luciano Benini

2009. Winner of “Pagine Bianche d’Autore” for the region Trentino Alto Adige with the photo “Sometimes”

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