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Eddie Spanier

Firenze, 1979
EDDIE SPANIER born in 50° 53’ 34.66’’ N,136° 50’ 12.38’’ E is a swarm intelligence self-generated, a large team of high-trained spacemonkeys focused in and ontological voted to do-it-yourself art process, obsolete technologies and retrogaming, technological onanism and hypertrophic mechanical systems, pseudoscientific dogmas, subcultural science, conspiracy theories and L. Ron Hubbard previous life, doomsday and popular culture. Eddie Spanier is a grey zone, a grey eminence oft-conspiring against itself, a propaganda machine and a free information parasite.

exhibitions 2011 The ideological intruder, audio propaganda at Collecting Identities: I stay therefore we are, produced by La Collezione di Carrozzeria Margot hosted on Osloo for the Danish Pavillion, 54th Biennale, Venezia [June, 7 - 8] Turntable/Internal Combustion Engine, installation at Taming Technology, Ex Carcere delle Murate, Firenze, Italy [April, 29 - 30] Outlet Republics, video screening at: The Wall [archives] #3, Nosadella 2, Bologna, Italy [March, 25 - April, 19] The Dark Room #1 [together with Emanule Becheri, Ian Tweedy and Meyer Vaisman], Federico Luger Gallery, Milano, Italy [February, 15] The Wall [archives] #2, Reaload, Roma, Italy [January, 10 -15] The Wall [archives] #1, Private Flat, Firenze, Italy [October, 8 -11, 2010]

2011 Mazama Residency Program /2011 Edition, residency program, Mazama [WA, USA], [August, 2-16]

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