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Roberta Segata

7'17'' 2010

Cavalese, 1975
Roberta Segata is a Photographer, videomaker artist and also a dancer. She fuse all this disciplines creating performances and photography-videos projects; the research in video and photography is deeply connected with the performative aspect. Every shots is an event. Is the body that helps to narrate, is itself an instrument. The serious game is the element that characterize and that never wont split from the work. The projects are bound to territory, realized between the mountains and landscapes. The places are real, abandoned or unexplored, unknown. To regain possession and find a real contact with this places and with our past, to live them means to defeat the imposed limits. Ruins become pearls. She search a relation with her roots, purity, uncontaminated between the follows of the seasons. Times flee but rooted is the glow of the story beetween the man and his environment. Nature, strength, in his alienation as in his vital explosion. Intimate story, pure play. The works are centered on the shifting of the view between subject and background. There isn't any work of photomontage, all the pictures are made taking unlikely poses that combined with the background create astonishment and incredulity in the viewer. The relation between man and nature. Made of contrasts and contraddictions but familiar and inseparable. Home. In every work is proposed a double face. She is searching for a double meaning that always starts from a playing aspect but that have inside more deep truths. The smile is the first thing that rise but to leave space to a strong inner analysis.

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