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Valentina Medda

No need for Heroes
4'20'' 2010

CA, 1976
“Women’s clothe and bodily confinements are part of the social mores that have handicapped women as effectively as laws and fears”4 Rebecca Solnit In this body of work I was inquiring the feminine role in nowadays society and the way garments can be used as a constrictive tool to handicap women. In fact, as Foucault noted, normalizing the body is the better way for society to control individuals. And the way this happens it’s through ethical rules, moral norms, labeling, and roles. Our body, our only way to relate with the world, is at once aesthetically overexposed and ontologically denied. Garments represent from me not only a social skin I want to get rid of, but the possibility to play in and out of roles, to embrace a new femininity, other from the one imposed to me. For neither the idea of victim nor the one of super woman suit me anymore, and as a woman I still have to deal with the difficulties of build up my career while raising a child, and the moral accusation of preferring my career over my family. My process is at the crossing between performance, photography and installation, and it is rooted in philosophical and sociological readings as well as in visual suggestions coming from my personal experience. Disciplines such as theater, literature and dance, more than art itself, give me inputs and inspiration contributing to the creation of my work.

2009 Certificate Program in Photography "General studies" -ICP International Center of Photography -NYC 2003-Master in linguaggi della comunicazione breve, promo videoclip e trailers -Milano 2002-Laurea quadriennale In Filosofia, vecchio ordinamento, Università di Bologna

Last Group Exhibitions 2010 Last Time, Performance + LastTime_LeftOver, as part of the group shpw pushPULL, sponsored by NYFA, DUMBO Arts Festival, NY Daily Noise, Video Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, curated by B. Greenberg 2009 Misplaced Women, Delegated Performance by Tanja Ostjic In collaboration with Valentina Medda, PERFORMA NYC, curated by Lara Pan Daily Noise, La Citta Fragile, Triennale Bovina, Milano, IT, by A. Bonomi Cassandra, Artist’s Book, handmade book+wool threads, PS122 Gallery – Hallway Project, New York, curated by Susan Schreiber Attempts at Evolution, Video, Videokills, Berlin, curated by Tiphaine Shipman,Emma Pike Senza Titolo, Photo, Time In Jazz, Berchidda, Curated by G. Demuro and A. Fresu Attempts at Evolution, ICP’s Gallery, New York, curated by Marina Berio 2008 Senza titolo, artistical intervention on a dress, AIRSWAP project by A. Callegaro e L. Mazza, MANIFESTA 07, TN, curated by Adam Budak Contorni, photographic site specific installation, Tina b-Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Praga , R. Musumeci e M. Burian curators Radici, video, Festival d’arte Due sponde un Mare, Castello Svevo, Termoli, Kezia T e Luca Ciarla curators Sono come tu mi vuoi, stampa lambda su alluminio, Bye bye Baby, Laboratorio 168, Cagliari, Roberta Vanali curator 2007 Inf III, site specific installation “Ateros cuentos#2”, Villanova Monteleone (SS), Lia Turtas curator Radici, site specific installation, video and photo, Cuprarte, , Ancona, W. Vecchietti , curator Contorni, photographic site specific installations, photos on plexy and mirrors, Art for Art Shake, Bologna, Orfeo Hotel Arte Contemporanea, Comunicattive, Agenzia4 curators

2010 Celeste Prize, National Competition, final selection with her video Daily Noise 2010 Mentorship Program for Immigrant Artist, NYFA, selected Mentée, NYc 2009 Celeste Prize, National Competition, final selection with her piece Cassandra 2009 Director’s Fellowship International Center of Photography 2008 Master&back, Grant founded by Regional Government of Sardinia, Italy 2008 PdB, Pagine Bianche D’autore, Italian Competition, honorable mention 2005 Movin’ Up, Italian Grant for the mobility of the young artist 2003 Socrates, EU postgraduate grant from University of Bologna, awarded for working with Costanza Macras Dance Company in Berlin 2001 Kodak Color Elite, Italian Competition, first prize’s winner

2010 Shortlisted for SOHO20 Gallery residency Program 2010 Résidences internatinales aux Recollets, Artist in residence for the summer 2011 as Co-author together with Anna Gaskell 2005 Residency Program, Les Bain: Connective, Bruxelles, Belgium

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