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Gianfranco Foschino

La espera
10'5'' 2009

Santiago, 1983
Foschino’s work, by choosing to film in one long take, at a long shot distance, provokes a particular kind of narrative and requires a specific approach of the viewer towards his films. Foschino forces his audience to stare at the frame and discover what lies inside of it without the hegemonic control of narrative, but with the freedom of their own eyes. However, it is a conscious strategy; therefore, a partial freedom. Regard continues to be directed. The long take not only requires and active spectator, it produces a new relation between character, landscape and author. As the individual subject is displaced from the character to the landscape, and the first one’s identity is assumed in the heart of the second one, they both form a dialogue as part as a whole. These views are part of an epistemological strategy: from time suspension we are forced to contemplation as a source of knowledge.

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2010 - DIRAC. Chilean Department of Foreign Affairs.