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Sharpening the edges - 2011 
Andrea Pregl

Info su Andrea Pregl

I studied at the Accademy of Fine Art of Bologna (Italy), however i leave it few years later without finishing it for several reasons. I followed a personal artistic path that lead me through South East Asia and India for long time. This trips had deeply influenced my artistic language ...

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Sharpening the edges - 2011 
Andrea Pregl

Sharpening the edges - 2011
9'33'' digitale Courtesy dell'artista

me against - sharpening the edges - 'sharpening the edges' is the second video of a series that analizes the relationship between man and nature.Our relationship with nature tends to be a one-way relationship, not an exchange relationship. We do all we can to satisfy our own needs, whatever they may be, without worrying about what surrounds us, and without seeing the delicate balance. We aren't able to move in harmony with the elements, we tend rather to impose our will by force, trying to impose our rationality, or what order and security mean to us. We forget that in the first place we are animals; we throw ourselves arrogantly in a struggle which we could only lose, and we do not even realize that we are actually only fighting ourselves.

DIRECTOR + EDITING: Andrea Pregl thanks to Roberta Segata for her precious help Shooted in Sweden