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I am the canopener - 2010 
Andrea Pregl

Info su Andrea Pregl

I studied at the Accademy of Fine Art of Bologna (Italy), however i leave it few years later without finishing it for several reasons. I followed a personal artistic path that lead me through South East Asia and India for long time. This trips had deeply influenced my artistic language ...

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Sharpening the edges
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I am the applepeeler
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I am the canopener - 2010 
Andrea Pregl

I am the canopener - 2010
4'30'' DVD Courtesy dell'artista

The series "This is is what I am and this is what I do" includes 4 videos: ‘I am an apple peeler’, ‘I am a corkscrew’, ‘I am a can opener’, ‘I am a screwdriver’. In these videos I analyze the strange relationships that our society has with objects. We expect to find in them that sense of security that we aren't able to find within ourselves, the answers to questions we don’t know. In objects we look for happiness, for a direction to our lives. In these videos the objects talk to us about the relationships between us, that will put their worth in the right perspective. With simplicity they will demolish our illusions.

Director: Andrea Pregl Editing: Andrea Pregl Hands: Roberta Segata Voice: Judi Dillon