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The Crash - 2012 
NoiSeGrUp art collective

Info su NoiSeGrUp art collective

NoiSeGrUp è un collettivo artistico fondato nel 2010 che privilegia una pratica artistica attenta a dinamiche socio-politiche, operando anche attraverso un approccio creativo allo spazio pubblico inteso come spazio di condivisione. NoiSeGrUp pratica con costante radicalità il prelievo di immagini mediatiche che utilizza come materia prima di elaborazione creativa al fine ...

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The Crash - 2012 
NoiSeGrUp art collective

The Crash - 2012
1'21'' dvd Courtesy dell'artista

"It is well enough that people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe that would be a revolution before tomorrow morning".

The Henry Ford's quote, founder of the Ford Motor Company, focuses on financial dominance and on the subjugation's state which, due to the deliberate incomprehensibility and inaccessibility at the system, we are all subjected. We are all launched towards the crash - economic but also social, political and cultural - which seems to be inevitably. "The Crash" is a technical test of death foretold, the physical and mental resistance against subsidence, of a more scientifically calibrated research of rupture's point. NoiSeGrUp choose this icastic image as a metaphor of the experiments made on our lives by the late financial capitalism. Photographs of cars wrecks are printed on paper money, showing the inevitability of a known destiny: the crisis of the system and the condition of global and permanent exploitation from which seems to be impossible escape, if not in a revolutionary act.

Rossella Moratto