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I'm sitting in a room – 2.0” - 2010 
Dario Lazzaretto

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My artworks are mainly of two types: multimedia (video and soundart) and illustration (ink and acrylic on paper and computer graphics). The technics that I use in my installation are always available to everyone and I never use any technological sophistication, because I believe that artistic research isn't related just ...

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I'm sitting in a room – 2.0” - 2010 
Dario Lazzaretto

I'm sitting in a room – 2.0” - 2010
4'55'' dvd Courtesy dell'artista

“I'm sitting in a room, the room in which I live, attempting to re-create the famous Alvin Lucier experiment, in a way accessible for anyone in this age of tecnology: a pc with a webcam. I will record this video and the sound of this electronic voice, over and over, until the reverb of my room and the noise of webcam recording will change the nature of this message.”

VIDEO – 4'55” - Italy This work is a clear tribute to the famous audioart piece "I am sitting in a room" (1969) by Alvin Lucier. I've tryed, 41 years later, a different experience, beginning from the same starting point: the reverberation of communication tecnologies kills their own messages. My research through sound and video perception is about society, massmedia, politics, religion. Always using low-budget and affordable tecnologies*.