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Aim - 2010 
Benna G.M.

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Multidisciplinary Artist “Either eclecticism or boredom”

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Aim - 2010 
Benna G.M.

Aim - 2010
5' DVD / File Courtesy dell'artista

aim, 2008-2010
Audio-visual, PAL 4:3 Stereo, 4'20"

Premiered in 2010 at the VIII International Festival of Experimental Art, Manege, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Originated by a deep pondering, "aim" is a philosophical allegory transmitted with a bitterly amusing visual syntax. The artwork talks about prevarication, usurpation and inner violence of certain humanity.
It has been built as a music video, although remaining within Video Art: the song, from which the idea of the video has originated, is only heard as a distorted echo in the background, going to constitute a syntactic element of the expressive language. In case, in the words of the song a further reading of this artwork can be found.
Fundamental allegorical elements are: the noise, the video noise, the idyllic subject, the zero and the one, the rose petals, the void.