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The Italian Jobless - 2014 
Benna G.M.

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Multidisciplinary Artist “Either eclecticism or boredom”

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The Italian Jobless - 2014 
Benna G.M.

The Italian Jobless - 2014
14'5'' DVD / File Courtesy dell'artista

The Italian Jobless, 2014
Audio performance. Video recording, SD 4:3 Stereo, 14’

English version with commentaries:

Friday 20 June 2014 Palazzo del Lavoro Corso Unità d'Italia Turin, Italy

In the movie “The Italian Job”, directed in 1969 by Peter Collinson, a gang of English thieves decides to perform a hit in Turin robbing the convoy transporting FIAT's gold. Today, Italian people are overwhelmed by financial crisis and by an unemployment reaching even professions that until yesterday were a steady guarantee of employment. Italian people, incapable of rise up against fiscal dictatorship of the country having the highest taxation in the world (source: TTR report by PWC), humbly reinvent themselves begging in the desert, searching for a “great idea” as in the forlorn situation of the movie ending.

The audio performance “The Italian Jobless” conceived by Benna has followed an episodic itinerary in five stops around the suburbs of Turin to end with an overall representation at the Palazzo del Lavoro, symbolic example of the ruinous Italian economy.