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Resilient - architettura macerie baracche ribelli - 2011 
Sergio Racanati

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“Il centro del mio lavoro è dato da un interesse per la storia sociale dell’uomo in relazione al suo ambiente urbano, politico ed architettonico. Analizzo elementi laterali e dimenticati dalla storia, riflettendo sul rapporto tra il paesaggio urbano e lo sviluppo civile dell’uomo, tra la storia dell’architettura e i suoi comportamenti ...

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Resilient - architettura macerie baracche ribelli - 2011 
Sergio Racanati

Resilient - architettura macerie baracche ribelli - 2011
11'50'' DVD Courtesy dell'artista

A material is “resilient” when is subjected to impulsive stress for test its elastic capacity and it does not deform. An “unresilient”material is fragile. Resilient is a person, who faces a traumatic event in a positive way and manages to get out of these experiences strengthened. A resilient ecosystem can return to its initial state after undergoing a stress. “Resilient “is a project born after Sergio Racanati’s encounter with the “macerie baracche ribelli”: (Ruins - Rebel hovels), a political collective which has been working for more than five years into the North of Bari, a “resilient “ witness of the transformation of the landscape from rural to industrial. A collective group whose spirit and name derive from Buenaventura Durruti. Resilient is a work that plays out an ongoing process out of the spatial and temporal dynamics of the visual art practices. The project is based on the philosophy of TAZ - temporary autonomous zoneteorizzataby Hakim Bey, aka an avant-garde artist, a Sufi teacher, connoisseur of '90s c breaking culturesin which the discourse about cyberpunk, the fanzine production, the birth of the word networkers are the first pieces for a genealogy of all that has exploded with the web later. So the TAZ is the original nucleus of the Network, a quitplace where verticality of power is naturally replaced with horizontal relationships networks. The Rebels were able to preserve their place, while all around the wild rampant industrialization created the monstrous Fashion District defacing Molfetta ‘s landscape forever. The work of Sergio Racanati talk about this history of resistance and resilience. He starts From the analysis of horizontal relationships to reach the inherent capacity of becoming a network of relationships. It’s 'the creation of a utopia, not a non-place that always keeps arelationship with a non-relationship, but the absolute creation of an absentplace. Ruins. from this absence Sergio Racanati’s search starts. In Resilient the artist is hidden under a black cloth, the face is completely covered, absent figure, the narrative leaves theplace to the sound of words.

regia: sergio racanati fotografia: sergio racanati montaggio:sergio racanati ringraziamenti: Macerie Baracche Ribelli MariaPaola Spinelli For video, the artist has deliberately used a "camera low profile" available between the equipment of the collective. The importance of this project, formalized with the video, is the relation of the collective "Macerie Baracche Ribelli"with the territory and the socio-political institutions that hold power and choices of citizens.